Another package for the DC Nation: Save Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series campaign!

Included in this box:

| 2 Hope Flowers & 2 REACH bottles [ thank you to DreamaDove ]
| 3 of each color of Ring Pop [ green, red, blue, and pink]
| a bunch of Lifesavers ‘Big Rings’ gummies
| a 5-page letter to Cartoon Network
| 10 pages of my collected fan art

Also included a page of Twitter trend screenshots and iTunes charts [ not pictured ].

Did not realize just HOW MUCH fan art I have made of GLTAS since last September: 10 pages of about 70 pieces… Borderline unhealthy obsession? I scanned all the pages, in case y’all wanted to read the comments I wrote to Cartoon Network.

Oh! The lady at the post office recognized me from the last time I mailed a parcel to CN. She asked if we had received a response yet. I heaved a heavy sigh and shook my head. “DANGIT,” she responded. She and her daughter watch the shows now and want them renewed too! I told her I would not give up!

Still, this will probably be my last parcel to mail to Cartoon Network, as my budget is starting to hurt from campaigning so much. I need more commissions…