We started off at a local print shop. Had to print some prezzies for a certain producer of a certain series. THEY HAD A DC PORTFOLIO BOOK [pictured with our gooberific faces]. One of the guys at the shop is a fan of Green Lantern: The Animated Series too!

After our print shop adventure, we migrated over to the WB Studio to meet up with Giancarlo Volpe. We were wondering where to park, where the building was, WHERE EVERYTHING WAS. As we started to walk one direction, we heard a voice behind us:


Kim, Sarah, & Rosie: *freeze* *turn around* *gasp* GIANCARLOOOOO!!! *run into the producer’s arms*

Isaia almost cried. ALMOST…

Giancarlo was incredibly kind and receptive of our fangirl shenanigans. [SORRY GIANCARLO FOR SOBBING ALL OVER YOU WITH OUR FEELINGS.] He guided us to his office where he shared lots of super-neat things about his upcoming project, as well as some behind-the-scenes looks at ‘GLTAS.’

Many deep and insightful conversations about the animation industry took place. [As well as some falling on the floor and howling at the ceiling…] Giancarlo escorted us around the floor, showing us the beautiful place where beautiful things were made…

After some access pass problems, Giancarlo took us to lunch at Porto’s. The food was delicious! [Though we were a little paranoid after Giancarlo told us Jason Spisak haunts that restaurant.]

Giancarlo blessed us so much. He also extends his thanks and love to our fellow Fanterns who could not be present. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH, YOU FABULOUS PEOPLE!